• Mirëmbajtje Për Bicikleta

    lampa Pair of CO2 spare cylinders
    lampa Quick inflating kit
    lampa Beto, floor Pump - H 630 mm - Ø 34 mm
    lampa Compact, mini frame pump - H 230 mm - Ø 21 mm
    lampa Wall-mounted bike hook
    lampa Bike Lift, space-saver-system
    LAMPA Wall stand for bicycles
    LAMPA Ceiling-wall hook for bicycles
    LAMPA Bicycle chain 1/2”x3/32” - 116 links
    LAMPA Bicycle chain rivet extractor
    LAMPA Italian (Regina) and french (Presta) valves nipple
    LAMPA Beto, T-handle aluminium pump - H 290 mm - Ø 27 mm
    LAMPA RIP-1, tyre repair set
    LAMPA RIP-2, tyre repair set
    LAMPA Stick & Go, kit 6 glue-less adhesive repair patches
    LAMPA Anti-scratch tyre removers
    LAMPA Frame pad / shoulder protector
    LAMPA Universal dumbbell wrench
    LAMPA Universal wrench